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Practice Areas

Construction law is the foundation of Lane McNamara LLP's practice.  Lane McNamara LLP has extensive experience in all facets of the construction industry including representation of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, owners, and developers.  The partners of Lane McNamara LLP have also published extensively regarding construction law issues.  

 Construction Mediation, arbitration, litigation, and trial in MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP has significant experience in  the mediation, arbitration, and litigation/trial of construction disputes including, but not limited to, payment disputes, defective work claims, delay claims involving critical path method analysis, wrongful terminations, differing site conditions claims, mechanics liens, claims of professional malpractice, and claims for unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Business law MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP advises businesses, of all sizes, on issues arising from contract negotiation, employment, real estate, shareholder disputes, federal and state investigations, and regulatory compliance issues. Lane McNamara LLP approaches each issue with a thorough understanding of the client’s business with the objective to provide the best possible legal advice.

Civil Litigation and Trial Practice MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP has vast experience in the litigation and trial of many types of civil matters. Lane McNamara LLP knows what is required to properly and economically litigate civil cases in order to position them for resolution short of trial. Lane McNamara LLP has extensive trial experience before juries and judges in courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in federal courts.

Contract Negotiations MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP has the experience and knowledge to negotiate contracts in multiple disciplines.  Lane McNamara LLP negotiates on a daily basis construction contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts, sales contracts, and virtually any other type of contract. Lane McNamara LLP has decades of experience in contract negotiation and Lane McNamara LLP knows that contract negotiation must involve both promoting and protecting the client's interests.

Suretyship MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP has experience representing construction sureties in all facets of construction suretyship.  Lane McNamara LLP has dealt extensively with indemnity agreements, construction bid bonds, construction performance bonds, and construction payment bonds. Lane McNamara LLP has represented major sureties in payment bond claims and performance default claims.

Insurance Defense MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP has comprehensive experience in defending, mediating, litigating, and trying insurance claims related to environmental contamination, pollution, mold, defective construction, and negligence claims. Lane McNamara LLP has extensive experience processing, handling, negotiating, mediating, and litigating insurance claims.

employment law and litigation MassachusettsLane McNamara LLP prosecutes and defends employment law claims under federal and state wage and hour laws, federal and state discrimination acts, claims for unpaid wages and commissions, claims for wrongful termination, and other matters arising out of or related to employment. 

Lane McNamara LLP has extensive experience in the appeals process. Appellate Practice Massachusetts The attorneys at Lane McNamara LLP argued appeals before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Appellate Division of the District Court.

Paul M. Lane is certified by the American Arbitration Association as an arbitrator.  He is also trained as a mediator.  Drawing upon decades of experience, Paul M. Lane sits as an arbitrator and mediator. Alternative Dispute Resolution MassachusettsHis experience as advocate compliments his ability as neutral. 

John J. McNamara is certified by the American Arbitration Association as an arbitrator. John J. McNamara sits as an arbitrator on disputes involving public and private construction projects. His extensive experience as an advocate in trial, arbitration and mediation, as well as his extensive writings, permit him to quickly understand the varied and complex issues involved in construction disputes. After years of experience as an advocate, he realizes that the participants in the dispute resolution process need to be respected and not rushed.